Steven Noske 4 Amazing Tips on Content Marketing for Small Businesses

In the past, small-scale businesses were slower to adapt to the content marketing strategies and strategies employed for corporate marketers. However the way that (SEO) search engine optimization methods have changed dramatically over the past few years, it’s becoming more evident that small-scale businesses must include comparison guides, eBooks and how-tos and other strategies for content to stay at the top of the search results.

It doesn’t matter if the content is contracted out to an agency which provides content management services or is created internally – the ideas for informative, creative and entertaining content more than are often rare.

However there are four fantastic strategies for Content Marketing that are perfect for small-sized businesses. See them below:

1. Create a calendar for Develop a calendar for Content Marketing. The creation of the calendar for content marketing allows you to record your content strategies and techniques. It’s also a great method to ensure that content creation happens promptly and stays on time. This method of content creation is often ignored and omitted by many small-scale firms.

Around 60% from content marketers have stated that the biggest problem they face when producing content is it’s time-consuming. Only 44 percent of marketers have said they keep an agenda with detailed content marketing strategies and techniques.

Making and creating an agenda for content planning throughout the year is the initial step to set aside time to plan, brainstorm and create, and then publish content.

2. You must find out the Best Option for You! Before going to the internet to find inspiration on other websites, you should know the elements and features of content from the past that have helped your small business and you.

Steven Noske recommend that you use Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to look up the most popular sites, most visited pages, and queries, to be in a position to determine which types of content have performed best , and which keywords were utilized to locate your content. Additionally, it’s advised to utilize Social Statistics, as they will also provide an insight into pages that have performed well.

You can examine Social Media performances by using tools like – Add This, that embed buttons for sharing on blogs and , additionally, include tracking data. These are dashboards that are easy to use that offer details on the various share clicks as well as shares.

3. Understanding Social Media Trends for Topics. According to Steven Noske, Social Media networks and/or platforms are extremely useful in generating new ideas for topics. Producing content that revolves around current subjects will provide you with valuable content ideas that users are looking for in real-time.

For example, Twitter has now had current topics available for quite a long time. This year, Facebook has introduced popular topics, too… If you’re looking to follow the latest trends on a local basis, then you can use Trendsmap that gives users an intimate and detailed look at news and topics that are trending which are displayed on a map and includes information of Twitter’s social media site.

Increase the quality of content by covering various aspects of the story. Consider a position that is controversial or enhance it with an array of options for media like videos or infographics.

4. Make use of content that is visually appealing. However, many SEO techniques tend to concentrate on the text that is read by different search engines visual content is much more attractive and fascinating for fellow human readers. The human brain is more naturally wired and are attracted to and more likely to be engaged by visually appealing content. 90% of the information that is processed by the brain is absorbed visually.

In addition pictures-based content gets an estimated 94 percent higher views than those with any visuals.

A recent study of marketers conducted by Marketing Sherpa observed that visuals were the most straightforward type of content that you can make. Create infographics by leveraging research that’s already been completed for content or hire a freelancer to create images and/or visuals for your blog content. It’s easy to keep your readers and customers interested and browsing through your site’s pages by including interesting and captivating GIFs as well as still photos to content.

If you’re operating a small company or operation, it’s vital to remain on top of the game. As with all content, it is crucial for the achievement in any SEO campaign. Include these ideas into your content now and in the future and you’ll you’ll be less challenged in finding new topics and/or engaging information for your readers and customers. Follow Steven Noske’s blog post to get weekly updates about Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing Web Design Search Engine Optimization and many more!

Steven Noske

Steven Noske is a published author and digital marketing strategist. He is also an Amazon Kindle Publishing consultant. He is the founder of an internet marketing consultancy firm based in Western Australia. He has an experience of over 15 years in the digital marketing and online publishing.